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Why A Chauffeur Is The Best Way To Enjoy Wimbledon

People come from all over the world to visit London for all sorts of reasons, but whether you come on your first visit this summer or you 20th, there is nothing like the luxury of being chauffeured around the capital.

With summer coming, there will be many exciting events to enjoy around the metropolis, including sporting, civic, cultural and even horticultural occasions.

Tennis fans will certainly have some exciting events to see, with the grass court season first bringing the action at Queen’s Club in Kensington, where the Cinch Championships will take place between June 13th and 19th. This event will feature a number of top male players ahead of the main event of the UK tennis year, the Wimbledon Championships (June 27th to July 10th).

There could be few better reasons for using a luxury chauffeur service in London than to get to events like these. While there are public transport options to both West Kensington and the general area of Wimbledon, especially the Tube, these are likely to be very crowded when matches are taking place, as well as the fact that the Underground gets very hot in summer.

In addition, the distance from central London to Wimbledon is quite considerable, making the journey a long one that will be less pleasant still if you cannot easily get a seat. Moreover, even the closest station, Wimbledon Park on the District Line, is still a significant walk away from the All England Club.

With a chauffeur-driven journey, all this can be avoided. Your driver will pick the best route to take you westwards to the Queen’s Club or southwards to Wimbledon, bringing you right to the gates so you can enter immediately and enjoy your day.

Afterwards, you can then get taken back at the end of the day, avoiding the rush for transport - especially if it is an evening session under the roof after a rain delay. All this will ensure you can enjoy a wonderful day of luxury while watching the best tennis in the world.

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