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Go Sightseeing Around Roman London

Visitors to London can see all sorts of history on a sightseeing tour of the capital, with our London chauffeur service providing an opportunity to do so in luxurious style.

You could be looking at the grand architecture of the Regency period, or historic buildings like St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and Hampton Court. But some might want to look back even further.

London’s very oldest archaeological treasures belong to the first century, when the Romans founded the city. 2022 may be a red letter year in the north of England, marking exactly 1,900 years since construction started on Hadrian’s Wall, but the fact is Roman London dates back even further, with the city of Londinium being founded in 47-50 AD.

The location of the Roman city largely corresponds with the City of London today and it is there you can see the most notable archaeological remains. These include Billingsgate Roman House and Baths, the Amphitheatre, the Fort of Londonium and some remaining sections of the London Wall, which defined the City of London boundaries for centuries.

It is not just on the ground and at sites around the City that you can see these fascinating traces of Roman history. The Museum of London is also a must-see for its collection of Roman artefacts. These include temple altars, inscribed tablets, statues, coins and everyday objects like shoes.

While Londinium is the centrepiece of Roman London, there are also Roman remains to be seen around the capital’s suburbs.

For example, there is a Romano-Celtic temple in Greenwich Park, close to the famous Meridian line, which was first excavated in 1902.

Not far from this, just outside Woolwich Arsenal, is a Roman Statue of Deus Lunus. This was not placed there by the Romans, however, as it was excavated at Alexandria in Egypt in 1801 and then brought over to London.

The city may have changed a great deal since Roman times, but the people who gave London its name left plenty of fascinating sights to see, providing a deep insight into how one of the world’s leading metropolitan areas began.

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