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Why There’s More To A Chauffeur Than Driving

Many people assume that a chauffeur’s job is simply to ferry passengers from A to B. However, there is far more to the profession than driving. The work starts well before the passengers step in the car, in fact. Here’s a look at all the behind the scenes activity that a chauffeur will carry out on your behalf.

Presenting the vehicle to perfection

A chauffeur takes great pride in presenting the luxury vehicle to its best advantage. The interior will be spotlessly clean, and the bodywork will be gleaming. It goes without saying that it will be in perfect condition with adequate fuel and well inflated tyres.

The chauffeur themselves will also be immaculately dressed in smart clothes and polished shoes.

Meticulous route planning

In busy cities, it’s essential to have the journey planned out to the last detail, with advanced planning for any hold ups and delays. The chauffeur will work out the entire route in advance, and will have located the most convenient pick up and drop off places. They will also have a back up plan in case of any unexpected circumstances. 

Welcoming the passengers

A good chauffeur will have impeccable manners, and will greet the passengers in a polite but welcoming way. Any luggage will be securely stowed, and assistance will be offered to any passengers who require extra support getting into the vehicle. 

Advanced driving skills

The chauffeur will be trained to drive smoothly, confidently and calmly at all times. They will have a detailed knowledge of the city, and won’t be phased by congestion or diversions, as they will always know the best alternative routes to take. Therefore you can relax and enjoy the sights or get on with some work during your journey. 

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