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What Makes For A Great Chauffeur Car?

If we were to ask a VIP to name a great car to be chauffeured around in, there would be quite a few common choices we would get.

The Mercedes S-Class, the Rolls-Royce Phantom, the Audi A8, perhaps even the BMW 7-Series would be very common choices for a chauffeur to transport their passengers in style, luxury and convenience.

However, a harder question to answer is why these cars are great chauffeur-driven rides, as despite all being popular luxury five-door cars, they are in many respects very different vehicles.

Here are some of the main qualities that make a car as wonderful to travel in the back of as they are to drive.


An exceptional ride is the first and most important expectation for a luxury car, and nothing should be allowed to compromise this ride.

This typically includes large, executive-style seating and considerable legroom, but these are not the only considerations to make. The suspension should be tuned with comfort and massaging bumps into nothingness, and the car needs to be both powerful and refined with that power.

Whilst many top chauffeur rides are fast, they are also very relaxed and quiet inside the cabin.


Business leaders are almost always working, and so advanced in-car technology and connectivity is important, as it can create a mobile office they can complete important deals.

This includes not only rear-passenger screens but also connectivity to laptops and smart devices.


A chauffeur-driven journey needs to feel special, and a substantial part of this is the incredible car itself.

Whilst there have been occasional exceptions such as the surprisingly good Porsche Panamera and the optimistically named Skoda Superb, there is a reason certain car brands are chosen.

Mercedes (especially the Maybach and S-Class), Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Audi, BMW, Lexus and Range Rover are proven marques with a reputation of providing high-end performance, comfort and refinement, and thus have become a desired status symbol for executives.

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