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What Makes A Chauffeur Special?

Many people can drive and ferry passengers around, but it doesn’t make them a chauffeur. So what exactly is the quality which makes these special drivers stand out from the ordinary motorist? Here are some of the best features of a professional chauffeur.

1. Meticulous planning

A good chauffeur will plan your journey down to the last detail, allowing for a plan B and C should there be any unexpected obstacles. They will have rigorous timekeeping, factoring in hold-up time to every journey to keep everything running smoothly. Pick-up and drop off locations will be well-researched beforehand, to avoid any misunderstandings.

2. Smooth, unflappable driving

All good chauffeurs are accomplished motorists, capable of gracefully navigating hectic city streets. They don’t express anger at fellow road users, but remain courteous and forgiving at all times. Sudden braking and sharp acceleration are avoided by anticipating hazards well ahead of time; they are mindful to give their passengers a smooth and peaceful journey.

3. They know their vehicle

Your chauffeur should attend to every little detail to ensure passenger comfort. This means knowing how to operate the air conditioning, heating, armrests, headrests, and entertainment system of the vehicle to suit the client’s tastes. They will not drive without sufficient fuel, or with faulty lights or poorly inflated tyres.

4. Immaculately presented

The vehicle will always have gleaming paintwork and be fresh inside, and the chauffeur will be smartly turned out in a suit and polished shoes. Their manners will be as impeccable as their appearance, and nothing will be too much trouble for them. They will have the ability to ‘read the room’ and be empathetic or unobtrusive as required.

In addition to all this, many chauffeurs have advanced training in road safety, customer service, and the Highway Code.

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