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What Is The Future Of Travel?

The second lockdown in England means that, at least for the next month, the majority of us won’t be travelling into or out of the UK.

Most of us will therefore be looking to 2021 as our opportunity to travel a little more widely again and there are some key travel trends to watch.

Airbnb recently released its predictions about how travel will look different in the coming years. Entrepreneur revealed that the platform is expecting fewer people to travel for leisure and instead to plan trips that are centred on living and working where they are able to “connect safely outside the home”.

Relocation for those working remotely is another big theme identified by the organisation, with 83 per cent of those working from home at present favouring relocation as part of this, its survey found.

In fact, one-quarter of those currently working remotely believe they will be able to live where they want and continue to work remotely in the future.

Airbnb isn’t the only organisation that has recognised there is a shift towards working holidays and even relocating to travel while keeping your job.

Skyscanner has predicted that we’ll see an increase in what it’s terming ‘workations’, which means people will go on longer trips and work for some of the time that they’re away, rather than just taking one or two weeks of annual leave for a holiday.

If you’re thinking of coming to London for an extended period to work and enjoy all that the UK’s capital has to offer, make sure you arrange a chauffeur service in London so that you can see the sights and explore further afield in style.

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