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What Are The Most Unexpected Luxury Cars?

Some of the best experiences in the world are those that you least expect, and even in the world of chauffeur service, where you expect nothing but the best, you can sometimes find cars that end up becoming unexpected hits in a world built on luxury.

Whilst some models and marques are expected to provide the ultimate in comfort, convenience and technology, others provide a wow factor via the element of surprise.

Here are some of the most unexpected luxury cars in the history of chauffeured driving.

Kia K9

The Kia K9, known in some markets as the Quoris, is not a case of reinventing the wheel.

It is a large luxury saloon car that starts at around the price of most luxury saloon cars, has a V6 engine in the front, a 17-speaker audio system and all the technology, leather seats and comfort you’d expect from a luxury saloon.

What makes it unexpected is the badge on the front; with Kia mostly known for cars like the Sportage, the Ceed and the Rio, the luxurious accomplishments of the K9 would have made it an outside competitor in the chauffeur space, were it available in the UK.

Range Rover

Possibly the greatest example of this is the Range Rover. Built initially with the same utilitarian mindset that would lead to the Land Rover Defender, this large, spacious 4x4 became a surprise hit for its speed, comfort and versatility.

Once British Leyland realised that enough people were using them with comfort in mind that they were modifying them to add four doors, they realised they could go upmarket and sell a four-door model, with leather trim, a modern instrument pod and automatic transmission.

Since then, the brand has only gotten more upmarket and is a popular executive choice.

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