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What Are The Maldives Famous For?

As luxury holiday destinations go, the Maldives really does have it all, everything from beautifully pristine white beaches, amazing food, lots of water sports and fun activities, diving, swimming with sharks… the list goes on and on.

The Maldives appeals for so many reasons but one of its many charms is the successful blending of the cosmopolitan delights you’d associate more with an urban setting and the stunning tropical environment in which discerning travellers find themselves.

Of course, the beaches are one of the very best reasons to come to this beautiful part of the world and there’s no bad time to pay them a visit, whether you’d prefer to watch the sun rise or the sun set. What could be more romantic than a leisurely stroll across the sand, watching the sky change all sorts of stunning colours?

The culture is yet another reason to visit the Maldives - and make sure you don’t go home before you have a chance to catch the BoduBeru while you’re on the beach. 

This is a traditional Maldivian folk dance that combines dance and song to the rhythm of a set of drums. The routine starts off slow and builds up to something truly frenetic… a great sight to behold on holiday!

There’s something for the foodies among you as well and you’ll find the Maldives home to all sorts of delicious traditional dishes… many of them fish-based, as you would perhaps expect. The local Maldivian curry with tuna is an excellent place to begin, but who knows where you and your palate may end up?

And, of course, you must make time for some pampering and self-care while you’re away… something else the Maldives can more than accommodate for. It’s renowned as a rejuvenation destination and you’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of exclusive spa treatments, leaving you fully refreshed and invigorated in time for your return home.

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