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Two European Hotel Destinations With A Difference

Staying in a hotel is a treat that takes us away from our everyday life for a short while. With all the modern conveniences that hotels offer it is possible to have a perfectly pleasant and enjoyable stay. However, sometimes we might crave that extra special something that makes a holiday all the more memorable and worthwhile.

If you fancy a holiday with a different kind of ambience this spring, why not check out some of these unusual European hotel destinations with a difference!

Tree Hotel, Sweden

The Tree Hotel is the perfect place for nature lovers who just want to get away from it all. As you might expect, it’s situated in a pine forest in the northerly region of the country. All the rooms are located in secluded elevated spots throughout the forest, giving you a unique opportunity to observe nature.

During the winter months. There’s a good chance that you will see the Northern Lights, while in the summertime you can enjoy almost continual daylight. It’s a truly different perspective on the world and you are sure to return from your trip relaxed and refreshed.

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam, Holland

If you are looking for a beautiful and unusual building to stay in, the celebrated Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam could fit the bill perfectly. The four star hotel has 160 rooms with all the features you would expect, such as room service, air con, ensuite bathrooms, and flatscreen TVs.

The exterior of the building is an extraordinary and flamboyant mash up of styles and colours, as if a child has piled a bunch of doll’s houses on top of each other. It’s an eye catching statement of a building that will make a wonderful change from the standard sleek concrete designs of many modern hotels. 

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