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Tips For Surviving A Long-Haul Flight

Setting off on a long journey overseas can be very exciting, particularly if you are flying to your dream holiday destination. However, at some point the long-haul flight might become a feat of endurance. Let’s face it, the chances of you feeling bored or uncomfortable are going to be fairly high. Here are some tips to help you survive and thrive!

Dress comfortably

Make sure that you wear loose comfortable clothing that won’t start to dig in half way through the flight. Thin layers are a good idea so that you can add or remove clothing if the temperature fluctuates during the flight. Your feet may swell throughout the flight from sitting for long periods of time, so soft comfortable footwear is recommended.

Eat sensibly

Your body is already under additional stress, so do your digestive system a favour and don’t give it a heavy meal and lots of sugary snacks to deal with. Eat wholegrains and proteins to help keep you feeling full and topped up with slow release energy. Drink plenty of water as flying is dehydrating and this can lead to worse jet lag. 

Bring your own entertainment

You will need some welcome distractions, such as magazines, music, or audiobooks. If you can, invest in some good quality noise cancelling headphones to allow you to enjoy your entertainment undisturbed by the other passengers and crew. They are also a lifeline if you want to take a nap and have noisy neighbours.

Upgrade to premium class

The price tag might be slightly or significantly more expensive, but the benefits of premium class can make your flight a lot more enjoyable. A more comfortable seat with more leg room, plus a faster check-in time. Think about whether you want an aisle seat for better access to a walkabout, or a window seat for more privacy.

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