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The Benefits Of Using A Chauffeur Service For Your Business Commute

As London office life returns to full swing once more, the demand for taxis and chauffeur driven cars has never been higher. Working from home has given workers the chance to reassess their lifestyles, and they have realised just how stressful commuting into the city is for them. This has led to many people realising the benefits of a chauffeur service.

Whether it is being jammed into packed tube trains, or negotiating clogged up roads, commuting to the office has always been seen as an unwelcome but necessary chore for most business people. In fact, a survey earlier this year found that less than half of employees intend to return to commuting full time.

The trend is most pronounced among senior level staff, with almost all board-level, directors, and managers in London concerned about the lack of social distancing.

Godfrey Ryan, CEO of transport management specialist Kura, said: “For public transport commuters in particular, the perceived lack of infection control and overcrowding is hampering employers hopes of an office-based or hybrid workforce post lockdown.”

He added: “As these fears continue to prevent workers from wanting to return to the office, it is time for employers to step up and offer alternative travel support to their employees where necessary.”

As high-net worth employees change their working patterns, and travel for just two or three days into the office, they are using the cost savings to take chauffeur driven transport for their commute. This minimises the risk of picking up infections on public transport, or takes the stress out of driving through busy traffic.

A high-end chauffeur driven car will have complementary WiFi, and space to work in a comfortable, quiet, and clean environment that acts as an extension of the office. This means that the commute is transformed from being a stressful period of dead time, to a productive and enjoyable way to start and end the working day.

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