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Take A Tour Of London’s World Heritage Sites

At FC Chauffeurs, we pride ourselves not only on taking you to any location in or near the capital in style and comfort, but also in having an intimate knowledge of the city that greatly surpasses anything you might read in the tour guides.

This is invaluable when it comes to our guided tours, which can take in many great parts of this extraordinary and historic city with our luxury chauffeur service.

Few things could mark out London as an exceptional place than the fact it has no less than four UNESCO World Heritage sites. These are Kew Gardens, the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey (including St Margaret’s Church), the Tower of London and Maritime Greenwich.

Established in 1759 and given World Heritage Status in 2003, Kew Gardens offers the ultimate horticultural experience, displaying plants from all over the world including some very rare specimens.

The Palace of Westminster includes the Elizabeth Tower, often colloquially known as Big Ben, although that is in fact the name of the large bell inside it. The current building, housing Britain’s parliament, dates from 1840, while the Abbey dates from the 11th century. It is where monarchs are crowned.

If Westminster is a place for power and royalty, so too is the Tower of London, built by William the Conqueror after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Often the scene of the most gruesome executions, its Beefeaters and Ravens are the most iconic sight today.

Finally, Maritime Greenwich features historic ships like the Cutty Sark, the royal park and the Greenwich Observatory, where east meets west on the Greenwich Meridian, marking Longitude zero.

UNESC status has been a big issue in the UK of late, with the docklands area in the city of Liverpool losing this honour due to the changes produced by recent and forthcoming developments, while adding the slate Landscape of North Wales.

However, in London, the heritage of the four great cultural and historic sites is in no doubt. If you want to see them, let us take you there.

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