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Pair Of London Attractions Among The Top 10 Google Searches Of 2022

Visitors to London will never be in doubt that the city has some of the most iconic tourist attractions in the world, but new data on Google searches has shown what the most popular of all have been in 2022.

As the Evening Standard newspaper notes, two London sites have appeared in the top ten tourism hotspots searched for on Google over the course of 2022: Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. 

The appearance of both may come as little surprise and those enjoying a chauffeur service in London may still want to come and see them in 2023, even if the year will not quite have the same significance as 2022. 

Indeed, the fact is these London attractions retained the greatest appeal this year despite other places in Britain also having good reasons to attract tourists in 2022, such as Birmingham as host of the Commonwealth Games and Hadrian’s Wall as the Roman fortification marked its 1,900th birthday.   

Big Ben is in fact the name of the giant bell inside the clock, while the correct name for the Tower Itself is the Elizabeth Tower, renamed after the Queen ahead of its unveiled after renovation work earlier this year. Visitors might want not just to go up and look at the bell and other inner workings behind the famous clock, but also take a wider tour of the Palace of Westminster.

Buckingham Palace has been in the spotlight in 2022 for contrasting royal reasons. There was the joy of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in May, followed by the sorrow and mourning over her death in September.

Both of these brought the crowds to the Palace, but 2023 should do likewise in one event of great significance. 

While King Charles III became the monarch immediately upon his mother’s death, the actual coronation ceremony will not take place until May 6th. The service itself will take place at Westminster Abbey, but there may be a traditional balcony appearance to follow at the Palace. 

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