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Jaguar Land Rover Unveil Most Luxurious Range Rover To Date

Jaguar Land Rover have unveiled a new model of Range Rover that has been claimed to be their most comfortable, advanced and luxurious model to date.

The fifth-generation Range Rover, set to launch in 2022, has continued the longstanding trend of catering more towards chauffeur service and upmarket drivers with a range of luxury offerings.

The newest model can carry up to seven people with the help of three rows of seats in the long-wheelbase version and will launch with a range of trim levels in 2022.

Much of the focus has been on the passenger experience, with executive class rear seating, rear-seat touchscreen controls, active noise cancellation headrest speakers and pre-emptive suspension to ensure the Range Rover glides over bumps.

As well as this, JLR have promised a clean air technology that helps reduce virus and odours, ensuring that nothing distracts nor detracts from the quality of the vehicle.

The range is set to debut in 2022, with trim levels ranging from standard to the new SV level, replacing the SVAutobiography line on previous Range Rovers, with a range of optional extras, including hot stone massage seats, available.

JLR have also stated that an electric model will be available by 2024, in line with the company’s promise to provide electric versions of their entire range of cars.

This 2022 model continues the natural progression of the Range Rover away from its utilitarian roots towards the top of the market for luxury 4x4 vehicles.

The initial Range Rover was initially designed with the same rugged aspirations as the original Land Rover Defender, but by the early 1980s would start to move upmarket with the launch of a four-door version, before adding leather trim and automatic transmission by 1984.

This push further upmarket would continue through successive lines and changes in ownership up to the present day.

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