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Could Countries Be Removed From Red List?

Londoners who are hoping to travel to countries on the Red List have been given hope they will soon be able to.

Data expert Tim White told the Daily Mail that some nations could be removed from the list of countries the government has advised to avoid ‘except in the most extreme of circumstances’.

Currently, this list includes Cuba, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Tunisia, and Ecuador to name a few.

Mr White has predicted that Mexico, South Africa and Brazil could be removed from this list shortly, which means visitors returning would not have to take a PCR coronavirus test before their departure or pay £2,8385 to self-isolate in a quarantine hotel.

However, he anticipated Thailand and the Philippines to remain on the Red List, despite cases in the countries declining.

Travel expert Paul Charles of the PC Agency told the publication removing some nations would provide a “confidence boost across the sector and across consumers”.

He noted there are no new variants of concern in many of these nations, and therefore thinks the UK should allow free travel to all countries.

It was predicted the list of 54 nations would be cut to just nine. However, Mr White viewed this as “optimistic”, as the government wants to remain cautious when it comes to international movement.

Those travelling from countries that are not on the Red List who are fully vaccinated do not have to take a lateral flow test before they depart, self-isolate and pay for a PCR test when they return.

Instead, fully vaccinated holidaymakers, those under 18, who are medically exempt from the vaccination programme or are taking part in an approved trial in the UK or the USA simply have to take a PCR test two days after arriving in the UK and complete a passenger locator form within 48 hours of entering England.

Travellers who have made it here for work or pleasure but still want to remain safe while in the UK could opt for a chauffeur service around London.

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