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3 Ways To Upgrade Your London Holiday

Big Ben. Buckingham Palace. Hyde Park. You’ll find these on all your standard guides to London – they are landmarks any first-time visitor should have one their list.

But if you want to avoid the crowds and the most touristy activities, and discover some hidden gems, how can you enjoy a little more comfort and luxury on your visit? If you’ve managed to upgrade your flight into the UK, then why not look at our tips on how to upgrade your trip to London.

1. Hit the town refreshed and relaxed

If your flight lands at 6 am, you might be feeling groggy and dishevelled, and you might not be able to check into your hotel until later in the day. Thankfully there are several lounges at Heathrow airport that can help you freshen up as soon as you’ve collected your luggage.

2. A cocktail with a free view at the Shard

If you wanted to get one of the best views in London, then a visit to the Shard is a must-do. Tickets for the observation deck on the 68th floor start from £22 and need to be booked in advance.

However, a ‘hack’ to upgrade your experience would be to visit the Aqua Shard bar and restaurant on the 31st floor. The cocktails start at £13.50, meaning it’s cheaper than the observation deck, and you get to have a deluxe drink with a fantastic free view.

3. Find the impossible with a hotel concierge

The hottest attractions in London sell out very quickly, often months in advance, as do reservations for the hottest restaurants in the city. If your hotel has a concierge desk, then it’s worth getting to know them. They are a wealth of knowledge on everything London, and can possibly supply you with some invaluable insider tips.

Be sure you thank them with your own tip, and make sure the size of the tip is relative to the size of the favour.

There are plenty of ways to get around the city, but nothing beats having your own chauffeur service in London, so get in touch today to book yours.

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