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3 Travel Trends That Will Take Off In 2023

As the spring approaches, our thoughts turn to travel and the exciting prospect of planning our holidays for the year. The travel industry is once again full of promises and new opportunities, with the last remaining restrictions lifted for most destinations. Here’s a look at some of the most popular trends for 2023.

Longer stay holidays

In the early cold months of the year, it is tempting to see the winter out in a balmier climate. Here in the UK, rising energy costs, unpredictable weather, and the general drip feed of negative news stories have led to a trend of maximising trips abroad for three weeks or longer. 

With the rise of flexible working, it is now possible to spend months at a time out of the country, without taking a disruptive amount of time away from your career. Hotel rooms and holiday rentals are now often geared up to accommodate digital nomads, with desks, free WiFi, and charging points for tech devices.

Experience led breaks

There will be a trend towards so-called ‘type 2’ fun, according to The Independent newspaper. This means eschewing the traditional holiday pastimes such as lying by the pool and light sightseeing for more challenging activities. This might include mountain climbing, day-long treks or open water swimming. 

At the time they can seem like hard work, but ultimately they create longer lasting and more rewarding memories.

More diverse journeys

Another trend this year may be the rise of ‘slow travel.’ This means not simply picking the fastest or most direct route to your destination, but taking a longer route over land and sea. This is not only a more sustainable approach to travel, but it can lead to a more interesting and diverse holiday experience in itself.

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