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3 Of This Year’s Best Cultural European Destinations

If you are looking for a short-haul break this spring to take in some new cultural experiences, then Europe offers a wealth of opportunity. Here are a few suggestions if you are looking for a little inspiration!

Timișoara, Romania

Timișoara is in the west of Romania, and until recently has been slightly overlooked as a tourist destination. However, it is a co-European capital of culture this year, bringing it into the spotlight. You will find some notable examples of Secessionist and Baroque architecture, which has given rise to the nickname ‘Little Venice.’

It’s a manageable city to explore on foot, with ample parks, squares, and public buildings within walking distance. The immediate surrounding area is also well worth exploring, especially the delightful Banat countryside. In the city, you will find some luxurious yet affordable hotels. 

Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the hottest destination for art lovers this year, with the opening of the new Munch gallery in October 2021. It’s a world class gallery for modernist art on the Oslo waterfront, and as you might expect, it holds the world’s largest collection of paintings by Norwegian native Edvard Munch. 

The gallery incorporates 13 floors for displays of over 5,000 works of modernist and contemporary art, and also hosts events and exhibitions. The city has a choice of first class accommodation and restaurants for the discerning tourist.

Eleusis, Greece

This small city is 11 miles north of the Greek capital Athens, and is another co-Eurpean capital of culture. It’s rich in ancient history and also has a vibrant street culture, with pop-up markets and art shows. Stay in the city itself, or make a day trip from Athens where you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to soaking up the celebrated history and culture.

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